Panther Creek Board

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Display #
Name Position Phone
Everett Ison President (e) 281-298-9524
Dan Lewis Vice President (o) 281-292-3477
Kevin Kowalski Secretary (o)
Kim Lewis Treasurer (e) 281-292-3477
Dewey Lockwood Representative (o) 281-363-3216
Paul Gebolys Representative (o) 281-367-4764
Randall Kruchten Representative (o) 281-419-5064
Gene Lochridge Representative (e) 281-296-0698
Kevin Currey Representative (e) 713-684-3789
Walter J. Lisiewski Jr. Representative (e) 713-824-8098
Stephanie Zertuche Representative (e) 936-217-5992
Mindy Reynolds Representative (o) 731-469-0501
Andrew Freeman Representative (o) 281-298-3795
Courtney Coats Topini Area Rep (e) 832-948-5406
Bryan Leavitt Representative (e)
Jennifer Majors Baca Area Rep (e) 281-932-42-5
Mary Jane Currey Township Program Specialist 281-210-3886
Peggy Hausman Representative (o)
Brian Sharpe Area Representative 571-318-1550

Crime Stoppers Featured Felons

Click here to view Montgomery County Crime Stopper's current featured felons.  If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP at or submit a Web Tip here.  You do not have to give your name.   CRIME STOPPERS will pay a MINIMUM $500 CASH REWARD for information leading to arrest of any of our Weekly Featured Felons.  You will remain anonymous. You must contact Crime Stoppers with info leading to the arrest of subjects prior to contacting Law Enforcement to be eligible for rewards.
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